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Color Palette

Welcome to my project webpage showcasing the Chrome extension called Color Palette! This extension will lists and displays color codes of the current page in one click. Discover how the Color Palette simplifies the process of extracting color codes from webpages, aiding designers, developers, and color enthusiasts in their creative endeavors.

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Obtaining color codes from webpages can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Manually inspecting elements, identifying color values, and copying them for use in projects can hinder productivity and slow down the design process. There is a need for a streamlined solution that efficiently extracts color codes from webpages, providing designers and developers with a quick and accessible way to work with colors.


Color Palette is the answer to simplifying color code extraction from webpages. By seamlessly integrating with your browser, this extension automatically scans and extracts color codes from various elements of the webpage, including backgrounds, text, and more. The extracted color codes are conveniently presented in a user-friendly popup, along with visual representations of each color. With just a click, you can copy the desired color code to your clipboard and use it in your design or development projects, saving you time and effort. Color Palette empowers you to explore, identify, and utilize colors effortlessly, unlocking new possibilities for your creative endeavors.

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